Town Twinning

Twinning is a special link between two or more towns.

Shaftesbury is twinned with Brionne in Normandy, France, and Lindlar in Germany. The three towns are of similar size.

The Shaftesbury Town Twinning Association is a voluntary organisation which promotes and supports joint activities involving Shaftesbury and the two twin towns.

This information has been supplied by various members of the three town twinning organisations.

Short History

The Association was formed in 1974. Shaftesbury was officially twinned with Brionne in France in that year and with Lindlar in Germany in 1981. Since then people who have exchanged come from all walks of life and represent many different interests, for example: football, fire service, dance groups, musicians, youth groups etc.. Most importantly, school children in parties and individually, and many families with no special interest except to travel and make friends. The door is open to anyone to make contacts and participate in exchanges.

The Association is a voluntary body. It is actively supported by the local council but is independently run. It maintains a close liaison with its twinned Associations in France and Germany. It raises funds from subscriptions and events such as theatre visits, barbecues, social evenings, etc.
Other Clubs

Other Shaftesbury Clubs or Organisations make their own exchange arrangements

Organisations are welcome to contact us and we will enquire whether there is a similar organisation in either twin town. The two clubs will then be put in touch with each other. From then on it’s up to them to make whatever fixtures or exchanges they want. That’s how twinning should work – people making their own arrangements on a reciprocal basis. The Association will gladly help with any guidance it can in establishing contacts in our twin towns.

As examples, the Silver Band has visited both twin towns and the Linde (a commune of Lindlar) band has visited Shaftesbury on many occasions. The football clubs of Shaftesbury and Brionne play regular matches in both towns. Tobys Young Peoples Project has also been on visits to Lindlar, Kastela (Lindlar’s Croation twin) and Poland, on various youth camps.
European Youth Camp

The following is from Sam Crump:

I am part of a group of young people who, through Toby’s, are going to an International Youth Camp in the Czech Republic this summer (24th July to the 4th August).  We are organising various events to raise money, however, the total to be raised is quite high.

The Idea of the trip is to promote a greater understanding of the cultural diversity of Europe, by meeting and doing activities with young people from other European Countries.  It is also a unique opportunity for some of the young people who have never been abroad before.

At the camp we will each take turns to organise a night’s entertainment and teaching each other a sport that is popular in our country.  As well as that there are newsletters and dramatic productions done by groups of students mixed from different countries.  In past trips to these events there has been an amazing amount achieved by the young people and surprising diversity of learning about all sorts.  We are all looking forward to the challenges and the fun of the fundraising and participation in the event.